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Turn Reddit into a steady stream of customers for your startup

Creating individual stories for subreddits with fast native promotion of your startup.

Results within 24 hours
High probability of virality
No marketing knowledge required
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How it Works

You add the project URL and main keyword.
AI analyzes your project and writes a description for it.
You select how many posts you want to create and run the task.
The AI selects subreddits that are suitable for your project based on the project description and keyword.
The AI analyzes the subreddit and generates a post specifically for this subreddit, making sure to mention your project as gently as possible.
You have a list of subreddits and posts that contain the title and the content. Now you can publish these posts in just a few clicks.

Examples of posts with Stealth Marketing

Customer Testimonials

Avi Rubin

"This is so awesome! Once upon a time, I used to do this manually (2010ish) and would see incredible results. Ive been meaning to start up some evergreen blogging to boost our SEO and also attack these reddit communities. Thanks for making my life easier!"


"The content is amazing, no question about it."


No recurring payments.

Discount ends
Credits Price Per credit
300 $399 $199 Save $200 $0.66
100 $199 $99 Save $100
30 $99 $49 Save $50 $1.63
10 $49 $29 Save $20 $2.90

1 credit = 1 post


How does the credit system work?

1 credit = 1 post.
For example, if you choose to create 5 posts, 5 subreddits will be selected for your project and an individual post will be written for each of them.

What Platforms do you support?

We currently support Reddit but there are other platforms planned.

Do I need a Reddit account?

Yes, you must use your account to publish posts. But if you need us to provide you with our accounts, please contact us.

Do you have any other question?

No problem! Contact us by email.

Get customers to your startup today!

Focus on the product, we'll take care of the marketing